Lean Agile Team

Our passion is software development which motivates us to achieve new and exciting feats. We take challenges as a learning curve to sharpen our skills with hard work and determination. Our main focus is customer satisfaction while embedding qualities like trust and open communication.

  • Team of 35+

    awesome individuals

  • 150+ Projects

    completed successfully

  • 50+ Satisfied

    and repeating customers

  • 7+ years

    of mobile & web app developement services

How We Work

We implement Agile development methodologies with each iteration taking 2 weeks and resulting in a new testable functionality

  • Strategy

    Strategic reviews take place between the customer and product owners. We try-out different application flows to rehearse user experience. Achievements against previous objectives are measured and new preferences are defined.

  • Planning

    Project managers and the dev team arrange daily tasks needed to accomplish given priorities. QA team composes test plan used to confirm task completion.

  • Development

    Daily stand up meetings are held in which developers commit to finishing a set of tasks and a review of previous progress is done. Preference is given to writing testable code. By means of constant build integration and automation testing, we make sure that regressions are quickly recognized and corrected. The ultimate goal is to achieve the crown of the ideal output.

  • Review & Test

    We benchmark progress against targets at the end of each sprint. We review the application comprehensively to identify and prioritize defects.

Technology Expertise

  • Mobile

    Specialization in customized application development on all major platforms including Android and iOS. Prowess in cross-platform tools as well as native SDK.

  • Web

    Web application development with PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails and Java. We use Bootstrap, AngularJS, jQuery and Backbone.js. for Client-side scripting.

  • Platforms

    Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite. Amazon Web Services, Heroku. Zend, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend and Symfony, Yii. Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce.


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